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Toulouse is... well, see for yourself. It has lovely gardens with charming resident ducks, geese, roosters and hens (and one wonders what hidden creatures). The massive and powerful Eglise St. Sernin is impressive, as were the early morning light (can you say, jet lag?) in the Jardin des Plantes and the scrumptious pains aux raisins (fortunately, "pain" doesn't translate into the English word of the same spelling; rather, it means something much more yummy: bread!) and other pastries Sunday morning at the open market on the Place du Capitole. The relaxed hospitality of our hosts at the Hôtel du Taur added a certain pleasantness to our time there. The city has a slow pace and a sleepy vibe (though it may have been so because we were visiting in late August); however, the adornments of a prolific graffiti artist as well as some important works of art and architecture served to remind us we were, in fact, on urban turf of import.

toulruedutaur toulstsernin toulquayleaves2
painsauxraisins toulstatue2 touljardinleaves
toulstatue1 toulfleursmauves touljardintrees1
toulmarche toulcafes
toulfunmirror toulgraffiti toulstserninbw
toulfleurorange touljardinducks touljardinducks2 toulquayleaves

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