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Portraits... from sittings to snapshots. The Goddess finds people among her most fascinating subjects.

For friends and family only, the Goddess has created a Family & Friends area. She'll spare the rest of you at least some of her silly snapshots and other personal favorites!

See classic San Franciscans frolicking at the outdoor Fugazi/Slater-Kinney concert benefitting Food Not Bombs (Dolores Park, 6-4-2000).

michael shaunacropped lisagrossman2 chicd'afrique
Michael Shauna Lisa G. Babe from Oakland
folsom98chick folsom98clubheads monalisa folsom99satyr
Yes, Mistress Shaved in Clubland Very Folsom Billy (Goat?), Folsom St. Fair
Dancer, Club VSF
monica yuji
Monica Yuji, tell me a story
darrinpier23 darrinmikupier23 darrinmikupier23
Darrin D & M, Pier 23 Michael & Darrin
mikuglasses darrinexhibitLA
Michael with glasses The Conceptual Artist
biketykeggpark hugoggparkarboretum
Reflective pause Hugo à l'arboretum
mikunapa charleshaakcrop
Michael (Hubba Hubba) Charles Haak, age 86, Barstow, CA
"Tax Time" chez Bartle & James

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