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The San Francisco Bay Area's residents and governing bodies have happily seen fit to preserve a good portion of its majestic geography for public use (and, ostensibly, for the benefit of nature and wildlife, as well). San Franciscans and "Bay Areans" are truly fortunate to live in a region with so many public open spaces. These pages offer a glimpse of what these places are like. Take a look at the more manicured Golden Gate Park and its less manicured neighbor the Land's End Trail, or at Joaquin Miller Park, a wonderful nature-lover's escape within the urban boundaries of Oakland.

The Goddess has had occasion to observe that other places on the globe have some nice spaces to roam in, too. I couldn't resist including a few photos of Austin, Texas, where my Sister Goddess lives and where I have been known to spend a few days eating great Mexican food and taking in a lot of their ubiquitous live music - in between all the hiking and swimming.

bigsur3-1993 joaquintrail mttamprofessormiku ggparkhorses
California Coast Joaquin Miller Park Marin County Golden Gate Park/Land's End
diablodoug stephriverbed1
Mount Diablo Austin, Texas

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