The Image Goddess

New Orleans


nostraightbar nodaiquiribar noinsearchofelvis
Rules of the French Quarter Daiquiri Bar The spirit of Elvis
nopereantoinem nomikubigboy notrumpeteerm
Restaurant Pere Antoine Big Boy's Big Appetite Lone trumpeteer
noadelaide noducksunset nobalconyh
Grandma (Adelaide Fuhrer) Pond at sunset with ducks and egrets Balcony
notrumpeteerzm nobettyboop nobalconystreet nosodafount
Trumpeteer Betty Boop & "America Junk" Street Old-style soda fountain
noparasols nostmusic nopedzone
Parasols Street Musicians Pedestrian Zone
noparkgirls nobananasinpark nocourtof2sisters
Park, French Quarter Bananas growing in the park Court of the Two Sisters
noseafish nobananesv norueroyale nocafearch
Art fish Backlit bananas Rue Royale Tucked away cafê
The Mississippi

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All images copyright Cynthia Mitchel 2003