The Image Goddess

Joaquin Miller Park

Oakland, CA

The photos here were taken in Joaquin Miller Park (circa 1999), which is overseen by the City of Oakland. Among many great things about this park is the fact that mountain biking is permitted on most singletrack trails, and mountain bikers are not treated like pond scum (as they unfortunately are in many other Bay Area open spaces). The bad thing is that a few reckless mountain bikers do tend to abuse the privilege by riding off legal trails, threatening to lose us all the privilege of riding there. We law-abiding cyclists are in the process of concerted efforts to bring those renegades in line through an information campaign (headed up by the Bicycle Trail Council of the East Bay, whose web site can be viewed at If that fails, we will be forced to kick their butts! Meanwhile, we are still enjoying the park's multi-use approach, where most hikers, cyclists, joggers, dogs and other users tend to get along just fine.

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All images copyright Cynthia Mitchel 2003