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Golden Gate Park - Ocean Beach - Land's End

At San Francisco's northwestern end lies abundant outdoor enjoyment: You can bicycle through Golden Gate Park - the largest and most interesting city park anywhere, with its flora, fauna and mostly-merry weather - and out to Ocean Beach, the vastest expanse of public beach this East Coast-bred Goddess has ever laid eyes on; then, up beyond the famous (and infamously overpriced tourist trap) Cliff House Restaurant, the adventuresome will find the Land's End Trail which, as its name implies, skirts the edge of the coast (toward the north and the Golden Gate). Fantastic views await those who are not daunted by a little exercise - though don't expect a major workout, as most of this trail is pretty flat. Be sure not to miss the Sutro Bath ruins on your left just past the Cliff House. Don't be afraid to go down and poke around in the cave - it's worth it!

egret2e6 egret3e6 egret4e6
Great Egret eats crustacean, Strybing Arboretum Great Egret goes on the hunt Great Egret hangs with turtle pals
arboretum dogwood1horizggpark ggparkstream
Strybing Arboretum, Golden Gate Park Early magnolia blooms, Golden Gate Park Stream & Cala lilies, Golden Gate Park
egret1c41 ggparktrail 2ducksggpark
Snowy Egret stalks lunch, elsewhere in the Strybing Trail, Golden Gate Park Pond dwellers, Golden Gate Park
giantcamera cliffhauscloser sealrocks
Historic Camera Obscura Cliff House Seal Rock and friends
sutrobaths1 ggbridgegirl windsurferhoriz
Sutro Bath ruins, 1-1-00 Solitude... the Golden Gate near sunset Lone windsurfer, Ocean Beach
arboretum2 sutrobathsnight landsendtrail
Strybing Arboretum, Golden Gate Park Sutro Bath ruins at night Land's End Trail at dusk, looking out to sea
egret5e6 sutrobathsvert windsurfer1 windmill
Gone fishin' Sutro Baths & cave Sailing into the sunset, 1-1-00 Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden
gardenstrybing ggparkhorses ggpstreampetals egret1e6
Strybing Arboretum Nuzzling horses Magnolia petals and stream Great Egret takes flight

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