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Family & Friends

The Goddess is most fond of her dear friends and family members. Some of them are more indulgent towards her penchant for photography than others, and some are geographically more distant than others, all of which influences which people are best represented on her site. Bien entendu she would like to have photographs of every one of you... and, eventually, she will!

r2kgroup1sm cemolive224sm olivesm216
Reunion 2000, Allenberry, PA CEM & OGWA 9/4/00 (by Michael) Grandma on a rainy day
michael shaunacropped charleshaak charleshaakcrop
Michael: physicist, studman Shauna, Queen Babe Extraordinaire Natty New Friend... August 2000 Charles Haak, age 86, Barstow, CA
darrinpier23 darrinmikupier23 darrinmikupier23
Darrin D & M, Pier 23 Michael & Darrin
mikuglasses darrinexhibitLA mikudogtownLA cemsfinsb0600
Michael, with glasses The Conceptual Artist Michael in Dogtown Luv & Tex-Mex in Santa Barbara
mikudarrincafeLA portraitbydarrin silvernailscemhands
Longtime Friends Portrait of C by Darrin Portrait of C by Michael
hiroshiandtoshichdebonas mikunapa douglunapa marianechateaudebonas
Hiroshi & Toshiko Hubba Hubba The omnitalented Doug Madame Bernier au château
stephriverbed1austin stephkyle1head
Sis, Sculpture Falls One-headed Love Monster
stephriverbed2crop stephkyleredtreetownlakeaustin
Sis, Sculpture Falls Love Abloom
"Tax Time" chez Bartle & James
graytigerface kittensquare
Hey... cats are people too, right? Kitty spaz attack (Sara)

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