The Image Goddess

La Belle France

The photographs in the first five categories below were taken on a journey through southwest France (August to September 1999) which began and ended in Toulouse and took the Goddess and her favorite minion to Gascony, the Basque Country, the Pyrénées, the Atlantic coast, and briefly down to Spain for tapas one evening; then north to Bordeaux and to Cahors (a wonderful city on the Lot River) from where we explored the excellent vineyards of that region as well as the nearby Dordogne Valley, with its abundance of ruined châteaux and its impressive Cro Magnon cave paintings.
The sixth category contains a few snapshots from our 1998 trip through the other half of southern France, from Montpellier east through Provence to the French Riviera (and beyond, eventually to Italy's Ligurian Coast, to Vienna, and to Prague). Included are some photos of Paris (where we arrived before taking the TGV to the south), of which the Goddess has taken embarrassingly few. She hopes one day to remedy this deficit.
There is simply not room to extoll all the virtues and attributes of the French landscape, especially since the Goddess prefers to communicate with pictures. Voilà.

Toulouse Bonas (Gers) Pyrénées Atlantiques
ruedutaur bonashayscape pottkas
Cahors (Lot) The Dordogne Paris & Provence
cahorsaerial beynac1 parisjardlux

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