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Bonas (Gers)

Bonas is a tiny village just a little bit west of Auch, which in turn is just a short drive (an hour or so) west from Toulouse. The exquisite and well-appointed Château de Bonas was our base of exploration for several days (though the beautiful castle grounds and swimming pool were often hard to leave, even in search of adventure). From here we visited nearby sites such as the Abbaye de Flaran (a Cistercian abbey), the tiny fortified village of Larresingle, the villages Vic-Fezensac and Castera Verduzan, and, bien sûr, a local Armagnac distillery. Some of the most profound visual pleasure was to be had simply by looking about while traveling from one place to another. Quels paysages! Everywhere we roamed, our eyes fell upon rolling fields of sunflowers (waiting to be harvested for their oil), corn (to be fed to animals and humans, presumably), grapevines (definitely for eventual human consumption) and even roses. There was also no shortage of free-ranging farm animals - and no question in our minds as to why this region is known as the breadbasket of France.
For more information on the Château de Bonas, by the way, see their web site at

bonaschateau bonasdistillery bonasgrappes
Château de Bonas Distillery Local "grappes"
bonasredrose bonaspuits bonastreelight
Château property, early morning
bonaseglise bonasyardfleurs bonasarealandscp
Eglise, Bonas Cyclamen on the château lawn Farmland near Bonas
bonashayscape bonasgrappeszm bonasurns
Bonas landscape More local beauties Urns, Château de Bonas
bonastractorscape rosefarm curvyroutelarresingle
Near Vic-Fezensac Rose farm Outside Larresingle
cemwcondom casterasunfield
Cynthia contemplates destination options Abbaye de Flaran Sunflowers, Castera Verduzan
abbayedeflaran3 casteracow mikuoncasterafarm
Inside l'Abbaye de Flaran Cow in motion, Castera Verduzan Michael down on the farm, Castera
abbayedeflaran2 bonasriverscape bonasruin bonaswinepear2 bonaswinepear
Behind l'Abbaye de Flaran Sleepy river near Bonas Ch. de Bonas ruin Produits du terroir... au château de Bonas
casterachurchbike casterasunflrdust casteradoor casterawindow
Castera Verduzan Sunflower dust, Castera Church ruin, Castera Window, Castera


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